Are you actively listening?

Are you actively listening? Seems simple – be present, interested, appropriately responsive. As we work on the next season of WMH, our podcast editor @stefwenninger mentioned listeners can tell when hosts move too quickly to the next question and don’t engage in a guest’s response. And we are reflecting on how we’ve shown up.

It is easier said than done. A host juggles multiple factors during a recording at once: nerves, timing, the guest’s needs, listener needs, shit – unstable internet connection, “does my neighbor need to cut that tree down right now?!” The paranoia of, “I’ve said too much, maybe too little…”

Sure, sticking to the plan keeps the anxiety at bay, but over-managing external factors can result in missing the gold we’re mining for in the first place. When control (and fear) takes over, it’s taking away from the guest – and ultimately listeners – being seen, heard and understood.

Apply this concept to our lives and interactions with kids, clients, colleagues, family, strangers on the street…what magic could happen by focusing on active listening vs. our response or external distractions?

We are ready to give ourselves, our guests and listeners the gift of our presence and active listening as best we can. The result may be more vulnerable and raw reactions, laughs and emotions than we’ve ever shared with the world…WHEW. Here we go.

Thanks for making the space for us each week in your ear holes.? And we’re always open to hearing your feedback. It helps us to be better.

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