The “Savasana” Period

Life lately has been WILD.

We moved cross-country and grew our family, and now I’m in the “savasana” period where all the growth is happening?, I feel like a teenager. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Learn to feel peace in the journey; ☮️

No checkpoint or finish line will eliminate all of your problems.

Routine aligns expectations/ reality and reduces anxiety. For all.?

Choosing to break routine is worth it for once-in-a-lifetime moments.

Sand will always be in the tub; ?

It represents this life we’re choosing – messy, and oh, so worth it.

Simplifying physical items and spaces simplifies the mind.

People ground people.

Alignment with your partner is the answer every time.

Amazon can deliver quick fixes all day, but the hard stuff, that’s all on you. ?

Lean in to your “no questions asked” relationships; and, get yourself to a place where you can reciprocate. <–what life is all about)

The kids need to work it out themselves. ?

You are your kids’ favorite toy in the whole wide world.

When dysregulated in parenting, tune in to self first.

You are not in charge of your partner’s emotions.

Make choices, not decisions. (Google it!)

Hard decision, easy life. Easy decision, hard life. (credit: @emechlinski)

Don’t keep score.⛔

Be kind, not nice.

Lead with love.?

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