Work IS Personal

I cried today on a work call. They were tears of gratitude for my colleagues who encouraged me to enjoy a day at the zoo with my kids while they managed our clients’ needs.

I let the guilt of missing meetings and the FOMO from watching our slack channels ping subside. I gave my phone to my kids to document the day. I took a deep breath and found myself in rare “mom flow.” I was present, playful, and patient.

Joe commented it was one of his favorite days observing me as a mother. My kids felt it too. There was minimal fighting or complaining as we walked miles in the hot sun. We laughed – a lot.

All of this to say, work is personal. Very personal. It’s important to have people on your team who get that. And maybe even cry with you when you thank them for having your back and gifting you a day with your kids filled with core memories.

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