We make plans…

We are taught that success starts with a plan. And a plan “B.” Plans are necessary in life and in business. 

Sometimes, your carefully thought through plans don’t go according to well, plan. (How many times can I say plan before you question if it’s even a word?)

Four years ago, I tattooed a saying in my dad’s handwriting on my left wrist. If you would have asked me two years before, when he was still alive, if I would walk into a tattoo parlor spontaneously, I would have told you: “never.” A tattoo was never in my plans. 

But every day, I’m reminded of a saying my dad wrote down for my wedding speech, one that my late Nonna taught him: “We make plans and God laughs.” 

I said “never” to a lot of things before my heart was broken. Before grief became something I met every day. I still make plans, a lot of them. My to-do lists have to-do lists. Calendar reminders are a crutch. 

But I’ve learned that nothing is certain, except for uncertainty. 

I’ve learned that we aren’t in as much control over our lives, and our kids’ lives, as we think we are. 

I’ve learned to focus on the good, most days. 

I’ve learned that tomorrow may not go according to plan, and I’ll try to be ready for that. 

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