We are better together

It’s our [day] job to uplift & coach people as they step into their power and share their message in the media (@notyourparentspr). Surprisingly, it’s not typically the clients who want the spotlight that are the most impactful with their mission; it’s the ones who don’t – but know that their openness and vulnerability can help others, and that drives them.

As we set nerves aside to step in front of the mic and camera ourselves, we find ourselves (as we mention in The Confidence Episode) powerfully sharing personal experiences and uplifting others one moment, and the next, questioning. Leaning on each other, and the working moms that help us build this every day (we’ll share more about them soon, promise!) has been the greatest joy and motivator. We are truly better together. We work on ourselves so we can be better – and make more space – for others and keep showing up. We know what we have to give, and that we haven’t scratched the surface. So, here we are. Our DMs are open. Thanks for being here with us; we’d like to do the same for you.

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