The Importance of Connection at Work

Asking people about sources of #resiliencein recent times during several studies, @FastCompany heard a chorus of the same sentiment: “friends.”

Apparently, having a friend you see every day at work = the joy of receiving a $100,000 raise, according to an @theatlanticarticle we saw in a @shiftthework newsletter.

Since we can’t always curate the people we work with, how might we help ourselves more authentically connect and support each other?

@FastCompany has these tips for what to reflect on when you’re feeling emotionally disconnected from your team, focused on the 5 main points of #connection:

? Connection to Self – Am I clear on my purpose and priorities?

? Connection to Manager – Do I know, without a doubt, that my manager has my back, and do I have theirs? Do I feel psychologically safe?

? Connection to Company – Can I see the direct connection between what I do every day and the impact my work has on our bigger picture and mission?

? Connection to Peers – Do I know my colleagues at deeper levels than what’s at the surface? Do I feel that we are all in this together and committed to the same values and outcomes?

? Connection to Work – Am I inspired to consistently contribute at the highest levels of performance? Do I perform in a way that is consistent with that inspiration?

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