The Healing Power of Humor

In life and motherhood, you can never take yourself too seriously.  Alyce Chan, the stand-out stand-up comedian is here to show us how to do just that.

She founded one of the biggest parenting platforms, MOMCOMNYC, which Vogue named among the top 6 funniest parenting Instagram accounts.

In this hilarious and healing interview, Alyce shares how she continues to find inspiration and her authentic voice in comedy.

And, she teaches us how to harness our sense of humor and get out of our comfort zones. Listen to laugh!

More on Alyce

  • MOMCOMNYC information here
  • Follow Alyce's Instagram handle: @momcomnyc 

Want to see Alyce? She will be at the MOM2.0 Summit in Arizona from May 7-9th if anyone wants to learn more on how Alyce inserts humor into her daily routine.

Additionally, she is gearing up for an upcoming headlining show on May 10th in Tacoma; details here.

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