Self-Care is the Hard Sh*t

I heard the most clarifying quote the other day on @torikdunlap’s @FinancialFeministPodcast.

We’ve often said that “self care is not a manicure.”?? And this idea that taking care of ourselves is zoning out in the tub or with a pizza and wine is common.

But it’s really self-soothing, not self-care. And there’s nothing wrong with self-soothing activities; it’s basically a typical Friday night.

“But self-care is the hard shit.” The thing that *present you* does begrudgingly often, in order for *future you* to feel better. Taking care of future you – even if uncomfy? – things like going to therapy, having that tough conversation, and looking at your money – because it’ll make you feel better.

So much yes.?

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