Rest Takes Vulnerability

3 people have positively commented on my parenting this week.

I have the awareness to know that it’s important for me to receive the compliment.

So I did – with my words.

But I’m just now sitting down to try to receive it with my soul and body.

Nothing has made me feel more like hugging them and sobbing at the same time.

I felt seen in a really intimate way. Like parenting when no one’s watching but they were.

But my walls went up –

Do I compliment their parenting? Point to the money and time poured into therapists and coaches?

We are coming off of 9 months of the most intentional and intense parenting we’ve ever done.

I have very few regrets with our adoption process. I’m really proud.

But my body really needs to receive this as a way to rest.

Not just for a second but to move into rest. It’s time to rest and recover.

I know this. So I’m trying to receive it.

I advocate for feeling our full spectrum of emotions, and I’m getting better at it.

But motherhood – it’s so strong and fragile and vulnerable.

Like the most vulnerable thing ever.

And guess what? Rest takes vulnerability.

So I’m trying. Receiving. Sharing. To rest and recover.

Thank you for listening.

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