Peace in the “let-go”

Peace in the “let-go.” Trust is one way to reduce the mental load.

I am on an Ireland trip with my parents, my three siblings and their spouses. Comparing notes on how we navigated finding reliable care situations for the 13 children we have among us has been astounding. But, we made it. One thing that’s continually coming up for me on this trip is trust. In order to be fully present, I have to trust. And this trip came with a lot of moments requiring it:

  • Trust Chris in driving on the left side of the teeny, tiny roads.
  • Trust that I can handle the cold-plunge, knowing the after-effects are so positive.
  • Trust the kids are doing okay at home, or I will be notified.
  • Trust we’ll find our way back when getting lost on mile 9 of a 5 mile hike.
  • Trust work emails will be handled or if urgent, I will be notified.
  • Trust that our Irish fly-fishing guide will keep us safe.
  • Trust stepping into an enormous, healing seaweed bath of disgusting brown water…

We could all go on with our respective mental loads. May we find peace and presence in the let-go. ~ Mads

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