Oh shit, it’s Friday. OSIF?

Just me? Look at this magical photo. Pure freedom…

Do you know how hard it is to get to those 11 minutes??

Weekends are soooo intense – imagine 5 people of different ages, stages, wants, needs, brain development, all trying to hang out?! WTF?! It’s not all magic.

I remember feeling sad to learn that often, weekends are more peaceful when we split up – you take a couple kids, I take a kid, we reconvene for a golf cart ride, babysitter for a few hours here or there, piecing it together in the name of peace.

No matter how much optimization, childcare, move-across-the-country-to-chase-sunshine we create, it still is what it is in this intense phase of life. Living for those small moments of presence, and grounded in our why.

Yesterday, one child was truly in the depths of despair, and the other was in her corner, suggesting box-breathing. How beautiful.

I’m scared every day of the life we’ve built. And therefore alive and growing a little bit every day. They are too.

We grow so they can be better than we. OSIF! ~ @madscaldwell

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