Look for the Moms

When our kids were young, we would tell them that if they ever got separated from us in a crowd to first look for a police officer. If there isn’t one around, then look for the moms. A mom will know how to help you if you are lost.

This morning, I was feeling a little separated from myself. A friend and mom, not knowing I was in this place, sent me a song. It was exactly what I needed to hear. In that moment, it hit me – when I’m feeling lost, I need to look for the moms in my life for support.

Moms tend to do this job solo. It’s part, “I can do this myself” and part “I don’t want to burden anyone.” We don’t want to push through it alone, but so often we do because, on most days, we can. That route feels simpler. It’s not.

We need more of each other. We need to look out for each other.

We need to look for the moms.

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