Just your casual division of labor card game lunch date?

Playing @fairplaylife every year or so helps us (me) to eliminate the mental load of all the tasks by getting on the same page about who is in charge of what at this moment in time.

Some examples: Chris – laundry, middle of the night kid wake-ups, and kid magic (elf, tooth fairy etc). Me – breakfasts, schools communication and extra curriculars.

It’s not about equal cards it’s about equity of work – and also, for me, it meant admitting long solo stretches with the kids totally depletes me. To which @chrisgcaldwell looked at me and said something magical: “Mads, I think I was put on this earth to be with kids. I can take on more kid stuff.” Hi, swoon.

It’s also a good way to feel seen by your partner. We happen to have ended up with 34 cards each, which made us laugh, but that’s 34 things each of us do that have been acknowledged. We see each other’s work.

Here’s to an hour long game streamlining our lives and the mental load. Thanks @everodsky!

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