Family Trees at School & Adoption

I got a message the other day from my 18mo’s teacher requesting a family photo so they can make family trees.?

My son’s #adoption will soon be finalized. And while we talk often about his biological family and have pictures in his room, I am very much still learning about and uncovering his story.

Having to share something that I don’t have the complete picture or words to use yet, my rational self was laughing, yet I was paralyzed.

As the universe does, this morning I saw an article from our agency with another family’s experience. It was so fantastic, and something any parent or teacher can benefit from, I had to share:   

“We got the ‘draw your family tree’ assignment in second grade, and my kid decided to fill it out by drawing her own extra branches on the tree for her birthparents, birthgrandparents, and her two half-sisters. Her teacher sent it home with a note asking her to redo it ‘correctly’. We declined, and let her take the zero grade. I loved it, sent her birthmom a scan of it, and framed it to hang in her room. That’s a zero grade we can support! Leah, adoptive mom”

What an awesome story of being courageous alongside your child, and the lessons are stunning. I only hope my creative brain turns on in this way throughout the journey!?

Way to go, “Leah” and thanks for sharing Adoptions Together & FamilyWorks Together and On Your Feet Foundation.

The full article:

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