Meet the team

Moms tend to get more done in an hour than the average human, yet are ofter misunderstood and underappreciated in the workplace. We’re here to shine a light on the working mom experience to help ourselves and others step into the advocate for this superpower! 

Meet Erica

Erica is a mom of two elementary school-aged kiddos and founding partner of a strategic PR firm, 212 Communications. She realized when she was pregnant with her second child that balancing a new young family and a high-pressure job wasn’t feasible. So, in 2013, after spending more than a decade working with national and global PR agencies, she started her own. Erica’s goal was two-fold: take her big agency know-how to clients who are driving change in her own backyard, and have the flexibility to prioritize her family. She realized she could achieve success at both and co-created Working Mom Hour to support other women in their journeys.